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Whether your group is well established, just getting going or you have an idea to improve people’s health and wellbeing and want to start a new group, our community development team can support you and your community group or organisation.

At The Bureau we believe in a strength based approach to community development. The approach we use is Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), which instead of looking at the world from the more traditional point of ‘what is lacking in a community’ shifts the focus to what a community has, its strengths to move forward and make a difference.

Our latest Community Development Bulletin is available here:

> December 2020 Bulletin <

Covid 19 Response


Don’t miss your chance to get the funding you need! Apply below…

We are here and ready to help you through Covid-19 and beyond. Our 2020/21 funding programme has just been relaunched to support communities to respond survive and thrive when they’re ready.
In late 2020 we sent a survey out to all the local Voluntary and Community groups in the Glossopdale area, and we had some great responses from groups telling us what they’re still able to do at the moment, and others that need to get things back up and running.

We’ve been working with groups to provide emergency grants to help support their vital work during the pandemic and as we head into the next phase of the measures, we’re relaunching our Community Wellbeing programme!

There will be grants to support community organisations to deliver services to meet the changing needs of our local communities as the longer term impact of the COVID-19 crisis becomes clearer.

We’ve created a handy how-to guide for the grants, which you can see below.

For further guidance to applying for our grants, click here; and if you’re ready to apply , you can find an application form below.

Get in touch

To learn more about our Community Development work or the grants programme please contact Charlotte Winterbottom, Community Development Lead on or 01457 865722.