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Case Study: Jane’s Story

After suddenly losing her husband, Jane felt her world had turned upside down. The situation was made even worse as her husband was  also her carer. Jane has a number of long-term conditions, including hypertension, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and depression. This affected her mobility and often left her feeling low and anxious.
One of our Community Navigation team worked with Jane and she is now having bereavement counselling and looks forward to spending time with her volunteer buddy, who is helping her build her confidence. Jane has started attending a support group for her fibromyalgia. She has had a benefits check with welfare rites and will soon be able to pay for a carer.
After feeling her confidence beginning to return Jane has achieved her goal of driving on her own. She has been getting out and about with and without her ‘buddy’ and for the first time has overcome the barrier of going for a coffee for the first time without her husband.
Whilst still grieving, Jane knows there is help for her during this difficult time and feels there are others, alongside her GP who can offer support.

Case Study: Roy’s Story

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