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Call Companions

Introducing Call Companions - Keeping Our Community Connected

At The Bureau, we believe that no one should feel lonely or isolated. Our Call Companions program aims to reduce loneliness and isolation among vulnerable individuals in our community by providing regular phone calls from our caring volunteers. We understand the importance of human connection and strive to keep our clients connected to our services and volunteers through friendly chats, support, advice, and a listening ear.

Who Can Benefit from Call Companions?

Our services are available to any members of our community who may be feeling lonely or isolated and may not have anyone to talk to. Whether it’s due to distance from family, limited social connections, or other circumstances, our Call Companions are here to provide companionship and support.

What Can You Expect from Call Companions?

Our dedicated volunteers will reach out to clients weekly or twice weekly for a friendly chat over the phone. They provide a listening ear, offer support and advice, and are there to brighten the day of our clients. Our Call Companions program is designed to create meaningful connections and foster a sense of belonging and community among our clients.

I really look forward to my weekly call. It really helps me get through the week as I have no family who lives nearby. I can't thank you enough as you have really supported me and given me useful advice during a very difficult and lonely time.

Next Steps ....

If you or someone you know could benefit from our Call Companions program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Call Companions Coordinator, Paul Kiddy, at 01457 865722 or via email at paul@the-bureau.org.uk.

We are here to support our community and provide companionship to those who need it most. Remember;
“It’s good to talk.”

Call Companions and Sight Loss Coordinator

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