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Move More

Welcome to Move More Glossop!

We are a dynamic partnership of community, sports, health, and council organizations that are passionate about inspiring people in Glossop to move more and make physical activity a part of their everyday lives. As part of the wider That Counts! campaign running across Greater Manchester, we are committed to promoting the benefits of an active lifestyle and providing fun and accessible ways for everyone to get involved.

Join us on Twitter @GlossopCounts and Facebook @MoveMoreGlossop to stay updated and connect with our community.

What is Move More Glossop?

Move More is our public campaign encouraging everyone to move more in their own unique way. Just 30 minutes of activity throughout the day can have numerous health benefits.

What counts?

Anything that makes you move more counts! Dancing, playing with kids, walking, or trying out a new activity. It all counts towards a healthier lifestyle.

Story Walks

Join our unique story walks that combine physical activity with storytelling. Explore Glossop while enjoying captivating stories.

Get Active. Sleep Well. Feel Amazing.

At The Bureau in Glossop, we believe in the power of movement. Our bodies are designed to be in motion, soaking up fresh air and embracing an active lifestyle. When we become sedentary, we put ourselves at risk of developing health conditions or exacerbating existing ones. That’s why we encourage you to move more – because sometimes, the best medicine is staying active.

How you choose to get active is entirely up to you. The key is to have fun and incorporate it seamlessly into your daily routine. And remember, whatever you do, you’re reaping the benefits.

So, what counts as activity?

Everything that gets you moving counts! Imagine dancing around your kitchen while tackling those dishes. Picture yourself running after your kids in the garden, sharing laughter and creating memories. Visualize a kick-about in the park, showcasing your skills and enjoying friendly competition. Consider walking to school, work, or even the corner shop, relishing in the fresh air and embracing a healthier lifestyle. Envision jumping in muddy puddles during those rainy days, letting your inner child shine through. Explore new yoga moves on YouTube, discovering a path to inner peace and flexibility. Rekindle your childhood skipping skills, feeling the joy of a simple yet effective workout. Experience the convenience of scooting your way through the school run, energizing yourself and embracing an active commute.

It counts if:
Your heart starts pumping faster, invigorating your body. You feel a pleasant warmth spreading through your muscles. A touch of sweat appears as a testament to your effort. Your breath quickens, signaling an increased oxygen intake. (Not at Mo Farah’s pace, just enough to feel slightly out of breath!)

At The Bureau, we encourage you to move more, sleep well, and experience the incredible benefits of an active lifestyle. Embrace the power of movement and discover a better, healthier you.

NEW Peer Support and Exercise Group!

"If there has ever been a time in my life when I have needed to speak to somebody, it was yesterday and that is an understatement! I didn't just need a friend, I needed a support group and that's what I have now, thank you! I am grateful for your kindness. I look forward to meeting up again next Friday and every Friday."
LETS Member

Story Walks

In addition to our diverse range of activities, we also offer story walks that combine physical activity with the joy of storytelling. Join us on these unique adventures that allow you to explore Glossop while immersing yourself in captivating stories. It’s a fun and engaging way to move more while enjoying the beauty of our local community.

Download Printable Walk Details

Manny the Manor Park Mole Story Walk – Easter

On Easter Sunday, Manny the mole wakes up early to avoid the crowds in Manor Park. He sets out with his basket to collect chocolate eggs left by the Easter bunnies. Along the way, he meets Henrietta the Hen, who is distraught because her chicks are missing. Manny enlists the help of Olivia the Owl, and they find the chicks playing in the tennis courts. Henrietta is overjoyed and thanks Manny and Olivia. Manny continues to collect eggs with Olivia, and they part ways at the playground. Manny goes back home near the bridge, and Olivia returns to her favorite tree in the Rose Garden.

Download Printable Walk Details

Manny the Manor Park Mole in Lockdown

Manny the Mole sets off on his usual morning walk in Manor Park during lockdown, making sure he has his essentials: phone, keys, mask, and sanitizer. He encounters Rosie Robin and updates her on his errand to buy Harriet the Hedgehog some food and newspapers. Manny safely delivers the items to Harriet’s home, wearing a mask and practicing proper hygiene. He then meets up with his friend Darren the Dormouse and they reminisce about past adventures. Manny is glad to have helped his friends and goes back home to enjoy his lunch of grubs and leaves, washing his hands for 20 seconds.

Download Printable Walk Details

Harriet's First Spring Adventure: A Hedgehog's Tale of Awakening and Friendship

Harriet the Hedgehog wakes up from hibernation on the first day of Spring, excited for the new season. She goes to the pond to quench her thirst and meets her friends Molly and Mack, the Mallard ducks. Molly and Mack greet Harriet and ask if she’s hungry. Harriet nods and sets off to find snails for food. Along the way, she meets Sam the Squirrel who shows her the smooth bark of a silver birch tree. Harriet continues her search for snails under the rhododendron bushes, enjoys a juicy slug, and then goes to the flower bed where her friend Milly the Mole is digging for earthworms. Harriet appreciates the freshly dug soil and waves goodbye to Milly. On her way back home, she sees Will the Water Vole playing in the waterfall, but she’s tired and heads back to her nest for a nap.

Download Printable Walk Details

Harriet's Autumn Adventure: Searching for Bonny the Blue Tit

Harriet the Hedgehog goes for her daily walk in Howard Park during Autumn and encounters her friend Freddy the frog who has lost his friend Bonny the blue tit. Harriet offers to help Freddy find Bonny, and they begin their search through the park, seeking help from other animal friends along the way. They follow clues and markers, including Sally the squirrel and Danny the duck, and finally find Bonny at a flower bed in the center of the park. Freddy is overjoyed to be reunited with his friend, and Harriet is glad to have helped. As she sits on a swing, enjoying the Autumn scenery, she plans to collect some slugs for lunch before hibernating for the winter.

Download Printable Walk Details

The Mystery of the Park's Christmas Chocolates: A Tale of Manny the Mole and Evie the Elf

Manny the Mole embarks on his daily walk around Manor Park on a cold winter morning. Along the way, he encounters various woodland creatures, including Suzy the Squirrel, Rupert the Robin, Dennis the Dormouse, Daisy, and Dillon, who have all found foil-wrapped chocolates in the park. Manny becomes curious about where the chocolates are coming from and follows a trail of colorful chocolates to the children’s play area, where he meets Evie the Elf. Evie reveals that she accidentally dropped the chocolates while playing and lost them, but Manny comes to her rescue by returning the chocolates. As a token of gratitude, Evie gives Manny a plain chocolate.

Download Printable Walk Details

Santa's Lost Letters: Wilma the Woodpecker's Christmas Adventure

Wilma the Woodpecker hears a strange sound and discovers Santa Claus on a sleigh, looking distressed. Santa explains that he has lost an important word, and without it, he won’t be able to fly on Christmas Day. Wilma volunteers to help and begins her search for letters that spell out the missing word. She visits various friends along Unity Walk, Kershaw Street, Derby Street, Gladstone Close, Cliffe Road, Uplands Road, and Gladstone Street, who all provide her with letters they have found. Finally, she encounters Curly Cat, who hints at the location of the last letter. Wilma thanks everyone and collects all the letters needed to solve the mystery and help Santa Claus.

Download Printable Walk Details

Pumpkin Pursuits: Manny the Mole's Halloween Adventure in the Park

As winter approached, Manny the Mole went for his morning walk in the park, noticing the changing colors of the leaves. He encountered Dennis the Dormouse and his children, Daisy and Dillon, who were in a rush to find a pumpkin for Halloween. Manny sought advice from Olivia the Owl, who informed him that Dennis was looking for a pumpkin in the sensory garden. Manny found Dennis and the twins struggling to pull out a giant pumpkin, and he helped them successfully extract it from the ground. Manny then collected conkers, acorns, and leaves to create a picture on the ground. Later, Manny shared a pumpkin workout routine using the letters of the word “PUMPKIN” as exercise prompts.

Download Printable Walk Details

Maisie and the Pollution Puzzle: A Tale of Environmental Conservation for Kids

Maisie the mouse is happily riding her bike to meet her friends when she encounters Sally the seagull who is upset about the changing sea levels and habitat destruction due to pollution. Maisie is confused and seeks help from Perry the pigeon, who explains the connection between pollution, greenhouse gases, and climate change. Maisie learns about the importance of protecting the environment and taking action to reduce pollution. She joins her friends in planting trees and spreading awareness about environmental conservation, showing that small actions can make a big difference in protecting the planet for future generations.

Download Printable Walk Details

Explore Glossop with Our Brand-New Circular Walking Route!

Introducing our latest addition to the collection of walking routes in Glossop – the Glossop Circular! This brand-new circular walking route offers a unique way to explore the beautiful surroundings of Glossop in Derbyshire, England. It can be done in one loop or broken down into four smaller routes for a more manageable walk.

To make it even easier for you to follow, you can download the Glossop Circular on the Go-Jauntly App or pick up a paper description version from us. The Go-Jauntly App is available for download from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Simply create an account, search for “Glossop” using the magnifying glass icon, and select “Glossop, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom” to access the four available routes for the Glossop Circular.

Discover the beauty of Glossop and its surroundings with our Glossop Circular walking route, and make sure to check out the Go-Jauntly app for more information and other exciting walking routes to explore!

Download Printable Walk Details

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Next Steps ....

Ready to join the Move More Glossop movement? Connect with our Engagement Worker, Helen Thornhill, to learn more or get involved. You can reach Helen at helen@the-bureau.org.uk or call 01457 865722.

We would love to have you on board as we inspire and motivate Glossop to move more, live healthier, and feel better. Let’s make a positive change together!

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Move More Children’s and Young People’s Officer