Sight Loss Support

What are the aims?

Our aim is to provide practical advice and support for people experiencing sight loss. In addition we can help reduce the loneliness and isolation often associated with sight loss with a supportive weekly telephone call.

What’s involved?

Through our Call Companions project and one to one support, we can support any members of our community who experience sight loss.

We also provide home visits (when permitted and appropriate) to help with gadgets and practical advice with things like lighting, magnifiers and home adaptations.

There is no cost for our support.

Client quote…

“I can’t thank you enough for the support you have given me with my sight loss. The magnifiers you gave me have really helped and I can now read my newspaper again! Also the talking clock you provided me with means I now know what the time is! Thank you so much for helping me cope with my sight impairment”

Next steps…

For more information, please contact Paul Kiddy on 01457 865722 or