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Our Strategy for 2022 to 2025

A very important part of running a charity is developing a strategy, which is coordinated by the Board of Trustees and the Chief Officer. A strategy can help an organisation make better decisions, adapt to change, focus on what we’re best at, collaborate, inspire and motivate, and demonstrate our impact.

Our current strategy is now in motion, and we think it’s important to share this with our clients, volunteers, partners and the general public. This shows all our key players what we will be focusing on for this time period, and informs our day to day work. 

Who Are We?

We are Glossop’s Community Wellbeing Charity. Based in the centre of Glossop, we have been operating across Glossopdale since 1979.

Why Are We Here?

To make life better for the people of Glossopdale.

What Do We Believe?

  • People and community should be at the heart of what we do

  • Our community holds the answers as well as the questions

  • Only by listening can we move forward

  • We should be flexible to meet need

  • There is strength in partnership

  • We need to be brave and passionate in what we do

  • Everything we do should make a difference.

How Do We Deliver Our Aims?

We have many services, some of which have been running since we were set up, such as community transport and volunteering. Others change, or are introduced as the needs of people change, such as employment help and Social Prescribing. All our services work together to support individuals.


Our strategic aims fall under 5 main headings:

How are we developing?

Over the last forty years we have shown we can build innovative services; we provided the first Community Transport Bus in Derbyshire and led the way with our Social Prescribing model. As we move closer to our fiftieth birthday, we will continue to ensure there are local services for people across Glossopdale developed and run by volunteers.In particular we are:

Investing In Our Volunteers

Many of our volunteers develop new skills that enable them to widen their volunteering or take on paid employment. We will continue to provide training and development opportunities to our volunteers.

Building on Partnerships

We are working closely with other local charities and groups, Derbyshire and High Peak Councils and the NHS. Together we will work to provide coordinated services for local people.

Reviewing and Developing Existing Services

We regularly review our services to check that they are still meeting local need. When new needs arise we will continue to identify new service opportunities, listening to and engaging with local people as we design and deliver services.

Pursuing New Opportunities

As a charity we actively seek ways of bringing in funding to support the people of Glossopdale. As funding mechanisms change, we will ensure we are involved in discussions around new opportunities and bring resources to support the growth of local voluntary groups.

During the life of this strategy The Bureau will continue to be a place where local people can come to seek or offer help to support people in Glossopdale to live their lives in the best way they can.