Success Stories

Ann – Community Navigation client

Ann was referred to The Bureau in Glossop by my GP a number of years ago. Ann had a brain tumour in her early years, which resulted in a visual impairment and poor mobility.


She says she tried to not let this stop her. She volunteered on reception at The Bureau and in the Visually Impaired Group and always tried to stay active. Ann enjoyed her time and made good friends.


However, Ann’s health deteriorated following a series of strokes.  She struggled with communication and getting around. Ann started going to the groups she had previously directed people to – she now understood, first-hand, the importance of self-help groups, peer support and social activities. She says that they gave her advice, lots of laughs and friends – all of which helped her remain positive.


Having a stroke brought a number of significant life changes. Working closely with her Community Navigator, Janice, she have been able to rebuild her confidence, to continue to look at life positively, recognising how easy it would be to become isolated, anxious and depressed.


There have had to be adjustments to how she live her life. Ann now has support from social care and physio, as well as benefiting from The Bureau Volunteer Car Scheme which enable her to remain independent.

Janice helped and the Citizens Advice Bureau helped her with her benefit application, ensuring Ann is financially secure.


Ann is involved in Glossop Arts Project, a social and shopping service and her beloved Visually Impaired Group. Ann’s Community Navigator, and The Bureau, has helped her stay involved in her community through managing her long-term health conditions, with positivity, friendship and fun.