Success Stories
Friends of Shire Hill social group


Mark was admitted to Shire Hill following a hip replacement and complications due to an infection. He lost weight and had a very poor appetite, and became very low.

Prior to admission Mark lived alone and had no other close relatives. He had been independently looking after himself and wanted to return home again after he was discharged.

Mark initially declined physiotherapy sessions and needed encouragement to eat and drink. He was generally lethargic and did not want to socialise very much and found he was staying in his room most of the time.

Mark had lost confidence in speaking, but agreed to join the Friends of Shire Hill social group. He welcomed the opportunity to chat one-to-one and he gradually grew in confidence and joined in group conversations and was particularly animated during quizzes. “The sessions raised my spirits”, he says.

Mark felt very positive about returning home but had concerns about his ability to cope on his own. The Friends of Shire Hill Co-ordinator made arrangements for a home visit following discharge.

As a result Mark was put in touch with Community Companions and matched him with a volunteer befriender and also joined the Shopping Companions service, which provides practical shopping support as well as a social group.

Mark still struggles with certain aspects of his mobility but feels the Companions service gets him out of the house and helps him to feel part of the local community.

We have changed all names to protect peoples’ privacy.