Thursday Club

What are the aims?

The Thursday Club is a safe space for people with cognitive impairments; dementia, Alzheimer’s or changes resulting from a stroke, and their carers. The Bureau provide fun and stimulating activities for people living with dementia and treat them with respect and dignity.

Group meeting times…

Currently the group meets over the internet, via Zoom, every Thursday at 3pm. The groups are led by trained volunteer Moira and are joined by coordinator Fiona, and often entertained by resident accordionist to keep spirits raised and have a sing along!

Here’s Moira (top left) with some of our Zoom friends!
A short video detailing how the Thursday Club has helped our clients, especially during COVID-19 restrictions.
One of our regular sessions, this time with some yummy cheese and crackers.

These groups will return to a physical meeting as soon as it is safe to do so.

Next steps…

For more information, or to join in, please contact Charlotte Winterbottom on 01457 865722 or