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MARCH 9TH 2023



A community fundraising event targeting projects/ideas that benefit the community. These projects can be anything, with no restrictions. It is up to the paying attendees to vote on whether they think your idea is good for the community. 3-4 projects will have 4 minutes to pitch their idea. They can pitch for a set amount or contribution to their target.

For those attending the evening as guests, it is a great opportunity to socialise and have a say in your community, with music provided by Dark Peak Music, a bar and of course – Soup! Once you have seen all the pitches, donating attendees will be given the opportunity to vote on which project they would like to see funded.



Months before the event, applications open so that you can apply to pitch your idea at the event. In the run-up to the night, support and guidance are offered, and you can even have somebody pitch the idea for you if needed. On the night itself, you can mingle and take part in the food and music, getting to know the attendees and discussing your project idea. You will then pitch for up to 4 minutes without the aid of presentation materials like PowerPoint. After this, attendees will be given time to cast their ballots, and they will then be counted. Once the count is complete, the winner will be announced and awarded the full amount requested. Any remaining funds will be divided based on vote percentages.


Partington Theatre, Glossop

9th March 2023 – 18:30 (6:30PM)



Anyone with an idea can apply! So long as the project takes place in the Glossopdale area.

You can ask for anything whether it’s £50 to cover a small project to the entire pot for a larger project. There are no rules, but consider whether your project is something the community wants or needs, as they will be voting.

A maximum of 2 people can attend for each project pitch, with each having a free plus-one ticket.

Winners will be required to attend the next Soup event to give an update on their project.


Tickets cost £5 as a recommended donation, but you can give more as a contribution to the projects being pitched. All funds go to the projects and any remaining funds are put towards future pots and Glossopdale Soup Events.

Spaces are limited, so to avoid disappointment you can book in advance by emailing info@the-bureau.org.uk