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Volunteer Car Scheme

Aim for a Healthier, Happier Community

At The Bureau, we are dedicated to supporting our local community in Glossop to maintain a healthy, happy, active, and enjoyable lifestyle. Our Volunteer Car Scheme is designed to provide transportation to medical and social appointments, ensuring that those who may find using public transport challenging due to age, health conditions, or restricted mobility have access to the support they need.

Compassionate Volunteers by Your Side

Our team of caring and compassionate volunteers will not only take you to your appointments, but they will also offer emotional support during the drive. We understand that sometimes a friendly conversation or a listening ear can make all the difference, and our volunteers are committed to providing that extra level of care.

Who Can Benefit?

Our Volunteer Car Scheme is open to anyone in the community who may find using public transport challenging. This includes older adults, individuals with health conditions, or those with restricted mobility. However, please note that we are unable to transport children who require a car seat or anyone under the age of 18, unless accompanied by an adult. We are also unable to transport individuals who require manual handling to get in and out of the vehicle.

Affordable and Reasonably Priced

We strive to keep our journeys reasonably priced, covering only volunteer expenses. Each journey is quoted individually, so feel free to ask for more information. We aim to make our service accessible and affordable for everyone in need.

"I've been using the car scheme for the last 12 years. Without this service, I don't think I would cope. Everyone is so helpful and can't do enough to help me. The drivers help me with my walker and in and out of the car - everyone is so kind and talkative and make me feel so much better."

Next Steps ....

For more information or to book a journey with our Volunteer Car Scheme, please contact Jan at 01457 865722 or email jan@the-bureau.org.uk. If you aren’t already registered as a client of the car scheme, we will need to fill out a simple registration form with you.

Please note that journeys are not guaranteed, so we recommend giving us at least one week’s notice or as much notice as possible for the best chances of securing a journey. 

Please also be aware that return journeys lasting longer than two hours may incur an additional charge.

Car Scheme Coordinator