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The Bureau's Life Skills Project

The Life skills project is a well-researched programme that is specifically designed to support individuals dealing with a variety of life’s struggles. Life Skills is delivered by qualified and trained staff and is also completely free!

The programme offers: one to one meetings with the Life Skills Lead, the opportunity to join our nine week, interactive course that is held locally. Alongside this, you may be matched with a mentor and be offered the chance to work with a sound therapist or a psychotherapist, should you need to.

Who could benefit from Life Skills?

Everyone! It is a programme that is aimed at supporting people to develop their confidence, motivation and gain skills that will sustain them in growing the resilience needed for every- day life.

The Life Skills programme has helped people that: struggle with anxiety; have feelings of isolation; lack self-confidence; are looking to make new friends in their community or lack motivation.

The project offers support by identifying your strengths and building on them, in order to support you to improve your quality of life. This is done by creating a tailor-made pathway, which is developed with you and shaped by your individual needs.

“I just wanted to say thank you to the Life Skill programme as I've come so far and achieved the goals I set. The people at Life Skills and The Bureau have made me feel a lot less anxious and so much more confident. I can't thank The Bureau enough for everything they have done to improve my mental health and everything else."

Next Steps...

Join our Life Skills project.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of our free programmes and support on your journey toward personal growth.

For more information, please contact Frances Joddrell or Olivia Taylor on 01457 865722 or Frances@the-bureau.org.uk or Olivia@the-bureau.org.uk

Or you can download our leaflet below for more details on the programme. We look forward to hearing from you!
Download our leaflet here.

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