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Natwest Glossop is Closing

Natwest Glossop is Closing

Natwest Glossop will be closed from March 2023

In order to make the transition as simple as possible please see details below.

Clients can use the Post Office for 90% of the stuff they do in the Bank, they can pay in or withdraw money they just need a paying-in book or a bank card to do it.

There is a Vulnerable Customer helpline that goes through to a real person, we will have the number for this shortly, but feel free to ask in-branch. This helpline has people who are dedicated to speaking to vulnerable or older people who may struggle. Via this, you can get basic information like balance info but will need a customer number and password to do anything additional.

If you want to do online banking or telephone banking then you will need to go into the bank, and they can set you up with everything you need to do online/telephone banking you just need to have your bank card with you.

A popular question has been what’s happening to staff? They aren’t getting rid of anyone as the staff already work in both the Hyde and Glossop Branch so they will all work from Hyde now.

If you have any further concerns, please get in touch with us at 01457 865722