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Volunteers’ Week 2023

Volunteers’ Week 2023

The arrival of June 1st signals many things, including the start of the warmer months, Pride month, World Dinosaur Day…to name a few, but at The Bureau, it is marked on our calendar as the beginning of Volunteers’ Week!

Every 1st – 7th June, we celebrate all things volunteering! Our organisation simply wouldn’t exist without the dedication and support of our amazing team of volunteers, and it is so important to take a minute to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who donates their time, expertise and love to us and our community.

We work closely with a number of neighbouring volunteer centres within Derbyshire, and come together throughout the year to support each other, share best practice and spread the good word of volunteering.

Volunteers’ Week is no exception, and this year we have combined forces to share a number of excellent stories about how volunteering can enrich our lives, as well as support our communities.

This year, to open Volunteers’ Week, we held an open day celebration! We invited all our current volunteers to come to our central Glossop hub, share some sandwiches and cake, and socialise. We also opened our doors to the public, to learn about volunteering from the experts – the people that do it! 

It was so lovely to see volunteers, staff and new recruits chatting and enjoying the lovely spread (shout out to The Bread Shop!). 



If you want to learn more about Volunteers’ Week, check out volunteersweek.org.

If this has peaked your interest, and you’d like to learn more, you can get in touch with our wonderful Volunteer Coordinator Fi, who pulled all of this great stuff together!



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