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Getting Green Fingered with The Bureau

The Bureau have recently established links with three community allotment sites. The three sites in Gamesley, Glossop and Dinting will all be used to encourage both community groups and individuals to access local opportunities to engage in a wide range of activities promoting and improving general health and well-being.

All three allotments will provide a valuable community resource to a number of local areas, allowing people the chance to take part in a wide range of activities through the seasons. We will aim to work with a number of community groups across the three sites, offering a place where people can relax, make friends and generally feel better.

The allotment scheme will particularly look at groups and individuals suffering from any health conditions, suffering from depression and anxiety, those at risk of loneliness and isolation, older men and adults with learning disabilities.

Allotments have far wider benefits than simply providing a place to grow fresh food. The physical and mental health stimulated by growing, and social activities are widely recognised. They are a green haven for wildlife in urban areas providing habitat for many species. Allotments have environmental and economic affects by reducing transportation of foods from far and wide, and allowing people to reduce their spending on fruit and vegetables.

We are also able to offer work related training and voluntary opportunities to a number of individuals, if you are interested in getting involved please contact Martin Gallagher at Ther Bureau on 01457 865722 or email martin@localhost