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Karen Gard
Finance Lead


Karen “The Financial Mastermind” Gard is the numbers woman at The Bureau, with a keen eye for detail and a wealth of expertise in financial management.

As the Finance Lead, Karen is the driving force behind ensuring the financial health and stability of the organization. She skillfully handles all of The Bureau’s accounts and finances, from budgeting and financial planning to payroll management, making sure that everyone gets paid and the organization’s financials are in order.

Karen’s meticulous attention to detail, strategic financial insights, and unwavering commitment to financial integrity make her an invaluable asset in keeping the financial gears of The Bureau running smoothly. Her expertise in managing finances with precision and professionalism ensures that The Bureau’s resources are effectively utilized to fulfill its mission of serving the community.

With Karen’s financial acumen and dedication to excellence, The Bureau can continue to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those it serves.

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